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The Full Story


Point 1 - Me

I'm just an average middle-aged dude whose not crazy passionate about things and don't allow myself to be - I have always been able to pull myself back as soon as I find myself obsessing over something.  Howver, I do really enjoy Canadian football and Canadian soccer (or futbol as it known in some circles) but I'm not fanatical about it that I spend all my time and money devoted to it or hang out with bros who talk nothing but.  I just wanted a place where I could put my thoughts down on these subjects rather than have them continually rattling around in my brain.  I'm going to try to post twice a week - on Wednesdays and on Saturdays.  If you've stumbled along to my blog - welcome!  Maybe you enjoy the content, but maybe not and I'm cool with it because I'm doing this for me as a creative outlet as well as to learn about developing websites.

Keyboard and Mouse
Football Game

Point 2 - Canadian Football

The CFL is a quite a unique sports league that shouldn't really exist.  In a country 1/10 the size of the U.S. it has outlived all professional football leagues in America except for the NFL.  The fact that it does exist and Canadian media doesn't appreciate it and, in fact, does it's best to deliberately ignore it makes it all the more puzzling on how it has survived for so long.  I love an underdog and I love this league.

Point 3 - Canadian Soccer

I've been following the Canadian Men's National Team since about 1985 when they qualified for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.  I was expecting them to qualify for every World Cup afterwards and that hasn't exactly happened.  This team has provided heartbreak after heartbreak, losing in unbelievable fashion when they had victory in their grasp but it's what keeps me coming back for more. I love an underdog and I love Canadian men's soccer. 

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