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Is there a link between these two events?

Point 1 - You know the story. In 1986, these guys were underdogs to make it. They were second best in their group but had been the ones selected to be part of the elite - the best of the best and weren't given much chance to do well. They were constantly sneered at and mocked by the other teams. They didn't come from very good backgrounds and had to constantly prove they belonged. Were you thinking of the Canadian Men's National Team making it to the 1986 World Cup? No! I'm talking Maverick and Goose, baby! Top Gun. The top grossing movie in 1986. We talk about Jonathan David being the Iceman but Val Kilmer was the original "Iceman"!

Point 2 - It's 36 years later. Canada has not been to another World Cup since 1986 when they lost all three games to France (1-0), Soviet Union and Hungary (both 2-0). This year, barring a total and complete meltdown, they will be back, going to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. They will be expecting much better results.

Another thing will be happening this year that last happened 36 years ago - a new Top Gun movie will be released, Top Gun: Maverick. It was originally supposed to be released in 2020 but the pandemic ruined those plans and pushed out the release date a few times and is now scheduled to drop on May 27, 2022. This time, Maverick (Tom Cruise) becomes an instructor at the Top Gun flight school after spending over 30 years as a decorated combat pilot who was never promoted higher than the rank of Captain. He's there to groom a new generation of fighter pilots but I would expect he'll get into some dogfight action himself before the movie is over.

Point 3 - Is there some kind of link here? Thirty-six years between World Cup appearances for Canada. Thirty-six years between Top Gun movies. My guess is that Tom Cruise has to make a Top Gun movie in 2026, doesn't he?

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